THE PROBLEM? The average Baby Boomer has less than $50,000 accumulated for retirement (which means many have less than that), primarily due to bad habits and having money invested in the wrong places where economic downturns can diminish their nest egg. The solution? Social Security isn’t the answer. Taking ownership is the answer.
When it comes to planning for retirement in these tough economic times, it’s apparent that many
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Boomers are confused. They feel isolated. They feel powerless. Many fear that it’s too late to plan for a comfortable retirement. Many are concerned that they haven’t saved enough—that they may outlast their retirement resources. Many have seen their retirement accounts decrease in value by thirty percent or more during the last few years. Because of lower rates of return, many are concerned that their nest eggs are draining faster than they had anticipated. What’s more, many are worried that taxes, inflation, and the costs of health care will quickly deplete what they have set aside...VIEW eBOOK
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